Preaching Through Podcast

Coming Soon! Preaching Through Podcast

July 09, 2022
Preaching Through Podcast
Coming Soon! Preaching Through Podcast
Show Notes

Pastors are working crazy hours, wearing multiple hats, and filling multiple job descriptions, and not complaining (or trying not to complain). On top of everything you still have to find time to plan, prepare, and preach a compelling message every week.

Preaching is like having an oral exam every week and they're bringing their friends to watch. You put that with all the pressures preaching pastors are already experiencing and it's a heavy burden, and it's a hard thing to manage if you're carrying it alone.

If you are carrying the burden of preaching all alone without help, input, or encouragement from other preachers this podcast is for you! The Preaching Through Podcasts is a weekly examination of the topics, themes, scriptures, and conversations you're expected to cover from the pulpit, providing additional context and insights to help you elevate the way you communicate from the pulpit.

Some of the content we will discuss in season one includes preaching through election seasons, big cultural events, Old Testament books, New Testament books, seasons of ministry in your church, and seasons of life for you as the preacher.

Join Hosts Dave Shrein and Luke Simmons for season 1 of the Preaching Through Podcast, subscribe now and be among the first to listen to episode 1.

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