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Preaching Through Non-Fiction Books

November 01, 2022 Ministry Pass Network Season 1 Episode 9
Preaching Through Podcast
Preaching Through Non-Fiction Books
Show Notes

Preaching through a non-fiction book sermon series. There are many benefits to incorporating the work of other authors, pastors, and writers into your sermons, even doing entire studies around their works... but should you do it? Is it wise? 

There are benefits to preaching through non-fiction books but there are also many cautions and do the cautions outweigh the benefits?

Preachers have more teaching content available to them today than any time in history and with that comes the challenge of how to incorporate additional content in a way that highlights the authority of scripture. Perhaps the way you see a certain passage has been shaped by dozens of leaders and thinkers — do you need to cite each and everyone throughout your sermon? If you don't, is that plagiarism? If you do, will that be distracting?

In this episode of the Preaching Through Podcast we examine the practice of incorporating non-fiction works into the Sunday sermon and explore the benefits and cautions preachers must be aware of. In addition, we will explore best practices for how to give credit where credit is due as well as how to deliver content that may be inspired by other without constantly having to stop your message at ever little turn to cite a source. 

This is Preaching Through Podcast, episode nine, Preaching Through Non-Fiction Books.

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