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BONUS: How to Prepare A Sermon

August 10, 2023 Faithful & Fruitful
Preaching Through Podcast
BONUS: How to Prepare A Sermon
Show Notes

If you're unhappy with your sermon prep process, you're not alone. When surveying pastors and asking them to share an area where they would like to become stronger in related to their preaching an overwhelming amount say things like:

A better sermon prep process
More organized preparation process
Better rhythm for my sermon prep
A prep process that doesn't bleed into the weekend

There isn't a right way to do sermon prep but there are definitely ways to make your process easier and more enjoyable.

After all, if the prep process isn't enjoyable preaching goes from being you look forward to every week to something you dread and a grind to get through every week.

In this bonus episode of Preaching Through Podcast Luke goes through his sermon prep process in detail, starting from the moment the preaching calendar is finished all the way to the moment he tosses his notes in the trash can as he leaves the church after his 3rd service.

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