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Preaching Through The Series After Easter

October 17, 2023 Faithful & Fruitful Season 2 Episode 8
Preaching Through Podcast
Preaching Through The Series After Easter
Show Notes

There are two questions you should ask people in your newcomers class. 

The first one is a no-brainer. "What made you decide to visit our church."

The second question... "Why did you decide to come back?"

How great would it be if everyone who visited on Easter Sunday would return for the next week? You actually have more influence on the return visit than you may realize and that's what we discuss in this episode of Preaching Through Podcast.

Yes, there are things you can do during the Easter service to encourage people to return and one of the most influential tools at your disposal is the week after Easter sermon series. 

Should you use Easter Sunday as the first week of a new series? Should you invite people back to a new series? Nothing should be off the table.

If you want to create momentum with Easter and keep it going through the next week this episode will help you think through a strategy to make that a reality!

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