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Preaching Through Your First Year

November 07, 2023 Faithful & Fruitful Season 2 Episode 9
Preaching Through Podcast
Preaching Through Your First Year
Show Notes

You're at a new church...

Maybe you planted it.
Or, maybe you're stepping into a new role at an already established church.

What should that first year of preaching look like? Are there principles to help you navigate building your preaching calendar, naming your sermon series, or setting up your weekly sermon?

We think there are!

In this episode of Preaching Through Podcast we talk about keys to preaching well during your first year at a new church. You only get one chance to make as strong first impression and that means the impression you present from the pulpit during the first year is vital to get right.

Listen to learn about establishing your preaching identity, how to frame your sermons in a way that members will want to invite their friends, as well as insights into leveraging your time both in studying and preparing for each message as well as finding other guest preachers you can share the load with as you seek to be a good steward of every moment during this first year in a new situation.

Every moment matters but the moments experienced in your first year at a new church will help set the tone for what is to follow and we hope this episode helps you make every moment count.

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