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Preaching Through Money

February 06, 2024 Faithful & Fruitful Season 3 Episode 2
Preaching Through Podcast
Preaching Through Money
Show Notes

God's biggest rival isn't Satan, it's money.

Money is already sensitive topic for so many. When the church starts talking about money it ticks the boxes of culturally and emotionally difficult topics. Lead pastors should talk about money — Jesus did and even when he wasn't talking about finances, much of his stories and example involved the concept of money.

If you never talk about it, that sends a message.
If you always talk about it, that sends a message, too.

The needle we want to thread is when we talk about it, we do it well and we do it in a way that encourages people to become more like Jesus — not to simply give money.

As important as what you say is to the message, even more important is the heart of the pastor teaching the message.

In this episode of Preaching Through Money we offer up insights into heart issues, courage issues, and practical issues that can aid the preacher when teaching on generosity and finances.

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