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Preaching Through Your Voice

February 20, 2024 Faithful & Fruitful Season 3 Episode 4
Preaching Through Podcast
Preaching Through Your Voice
Show Notes

Do you sometimes feel like an imposter when you step into the pulpit? Like you're trying to imitate other preachers rather than preaching as your authentic self? Finding your unique preaching voice can free you up to genuinely pastor your flock. 

Yes, the sound of your voice has something to do with it... but it's really much more than that! It is your personality, passions, delivery style, and other nuances about you that come together to form the authentic you in the pulpit. It's not just about the sound of your voice, but encompasses personality, passion areas, and delivery style. 

Imitation is a great place to start when discovering your voice (or discovering new parts of your preaching voice) but it's a terrible place to end. It's like learning to speak - kids naturally imitate sounds around them as part of the process. 

In this episode of Preaching Through Podcast get insights for integrating who you naturally are with the preaching tasks God has called you to. Try new things, employ different methods, get feedback, and land on what fits.

Whether you're funny or serious, subdued or animated, you'll pick up practical guidance on how to preach as the unique preacher God made you to be.

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