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Preaching Through Sermon Introductions

March 12, 2024 Season 3 Episode 7
Preaching Through Podcast
Preaching Through Sermon Introductions
Show Notes

A killer introduction is critical for getting people to not just listen to your sermon... but actually care about the message you're about to share. A rookie preacher can captivate attention with a strong introduction as easily as a veteran preacher can lose people without a thoughtful and thought provoking introduction.

In this episode, we listen to and analyze examples of five different types of introductions, from incorporating humor to asking engaging questions. We'll also analyze what it is about these introductions that make them work so you can steal each approach and improve this crucial element of your messages.

The goal of an introduction is to immediately grip the hearts and minds of the listeners amid many distractions (i.e., cell phones) vying for their attention. Creativity, variety, and relying on the Holy Spirit’s leading is key.

While introductions are important, equally crucial is making the rest of the sermon pay off through strong argumentation and connecting it back to the main idea. Keep leveling up preaching skills by checking out the resources at

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